Christmas at UCC + other info!

2 Dec

**UCC Christmas Schedule**

Christmas Service Next Sunday On December 12th UCC will have its annual combined (UCC HKI & Espoo) Christmas service at our UCC Helsinki location (Annankatu 7) 16:30. Please be sure to show up on time or even a bit early. Helpers are needed for the service, contact Daniel or Lari ( to sign-up. Consider brining a desert or snack item for the food table. No other services on this day.

Christmas Day Service & Fellowship Dec. 25th

On December 25th at 16:30 UCC will hold a Christmas day fellowship at the Leppavaara youth center beginning at 16:30. This is a potluck event so bring a food item to share. There will be singing, sharing, a Bible devotional, and lots of fun!

There will be no service on December 26th!

UCC Espoo

UCC Espoo will hold only one service at 10:00 on Sundays Dec. 19th, and Jan. 2nd. The 12:30 service will resume on Jan. 9th.

UCC Helsinki On Break

UCC Helsinki will NOT hold services on Sundays Dec. 19th, 26th, or Jan. 2nd. Services resume on Jan. 9th. UCC Helsinki is encouraged and welcome to attend the Espoo services during this time.


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