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UCC Arts & Worship Night

19 May

This Saturday we are celebrating again the gifts and talents God has given us!

There will be performances, food, worship, awesome people and of course the most important – awesome Father.
Paints and room to move freely will be provided during the worship.

See you there and feel free to invite friends!

Where: UCC Helsinki location (Adventist Church, Annankatu 7)

When: This Saturday 21.5 at 18.00-22.00


Ladies Only – “All Aboard”

5 May

Once again it’s hard to believe how fast another winter has passed by and here we have spring, glorious spring again! And to celebrate that and to wrap up our Ladies Only- season our next and final meeting will take place on water!

So on May 14th at 10am we will meet in the Hakaniemi harbour in Helsinki and go on a mini cruise! We will have a small boat just to ourselves for three hours- three hours filled with sweet fellowship, food…

There’s room for 40 people. You can sign up by sending an e-mail to And since we are renting a private boat, there’ll be a cost of 10 euros per lady. 🙂

Consider bringing a friend, too!

6.5. Jazz and Jihad! (UCC @ CafĂ© Agricola Vol 4.)

2 May


“Jihad: A Principle of Holy War or a Struggle for Personal Holiness?”

At the last UCC @ CafĂ© Agricola we are dealing with an issue that won’t leave anybody cold: the concept of holy war and jihad in Islam. Is our understanding of jihad perverted by the 9/11 terrorist attacks? Is jihad really a principle of holy war or is it more a “fight” for personal holiness in the everyday life of a muslim? Is Islam a religion of war or peace? Should we consider Islam as a threat or as an example of good moral living?

The speaker of the night will be Seppo S. Kosonen, a chaplain and the author of Jihad: Islamin pyhä sota.

Jazzy music will be served by Heidi Tuikkanen & Band

Café Agricola, Agricola Church, Tehtaankatu 23. Doors open 18:00.
UCC @ Café Agricola evenings are meant to be a platform for meeting people from different kinds of backgrounds and cultures, discussing and debating interesting topics, listening to quality live music and just relaxing over a cup of tea. Evenings are presented by United Community Church in cooperation with Agricola-liike.

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