6.5. Jazz and Jihad! (UCC @ Café Agricola Vol 4.)

2 May


“Jihad: A Principle of Holy War or a Struggle for Personal Holiness?”

At the last UCC @ Café Agricola we are dealing with an issue that won’t leave anybody cold: the concept of holy war and jihad in Islam. Is our understanding of jihad perverted by the 9/11 terrorist attacks? Is jihad really a principle of holy war or is it more a “fight” for personal holiness in the everyday life of a muslim? Is Islam a religion of war or peace? Should we consider Islam as a threat or as an example of good moral living?

The speaker of the night will be Seppo S. Kosonen, a chaplain and the author of Jihad: Islamin pyhä sota.

Jazzy music will be served by Heidi Tuikkanen & Band http://www.myspace.com/heidituikkanen/music

Café Agricola, Agricola Church, Tehtaankatu 23. Doors open 18:00.
UCC @ Café Agricola evenings are meant to be a platform for meeting people from different kinds of backgrounds and cultures, discussing and debating interesting topics, listening to quality live music and just relaxing over a cup of tea. Evenings are presented by United Community Church in cooperation with Agricola-liike. http://www.ucclife.fi http://www.cafeagricola.fi


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