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UCC Chill Out

18 Apr

What: Chill Out
Theme: Girls vs Guys Night
Description: The Girls vs Guys Night is about learning more about the opposite sex through competition, discussion and games. We will start the evening with a cooking competition followed by a general discussion addressing issues that guys/girls have always been curious to know about each other. This is an opportunity to get to ask anything related to relationships, (fe)male habits or other interesting issues that come to mind. The best thing yet!
Place: Pasilanraitio 6D, 00240 Helsinki
Time 27.4.2012, 18:30
In addition: people should bring some snacks to share.



Biblical Lay Counselling Course: Part 2

11 Apr

Welcome to the second session in our series of four in the biblical lay counselling course! We’ll begin again at 10.00 in the church office facilities (Tulkinkuja 3, 6th floor) this Saturday 14th April. This time the themes are:
1. Dealing with our past – The inner healing process:
  e.g. God’s way to bring inner healing from past hurts and bad memories
2. Spiritual life development & discipleship:
e.g. the necessary ingredients for the enhancement of spiritual growth

Those who have already signed up for the second session need not sign up again, but if you are interested in coming to this one, please sign up ASAP (Deadline Thursday 21.00) via our website: Welcome even if you didn’t attend the first! A few more details will be sent by email to those registered by Thursday night. p.s. If you are paying in cash at the door, PLEASE try to begin exact change (5e) – we can’t guarantee we will have change.

UCC Chill Out Game Night

4 Apr

What: Chill Out
Theme: Game Night
Place: Agricola, Tehtaankatu 23 00150 Helsinki
Time: 13.4.2012, 18:30
In addition: people should bring some snacks to share. Please bring your favorite games along.


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