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Summer Baptism & Prodigal God book study at Matinkylä Beach, Tomorrow Night!

10 Jul

Hi UCC! Remember tomorrow night we will have our annual summer baptism at 18:00 at Matinkyla beach in Espoo. Please come join us as we celebrate this special moment with those taking baptism. Please consider bringing a snack to share as we will take time to just hang out as a family afterward. We will meet  around 17:30  on the beach near Cafe Merineito (Mermaids) Café Merenneito
Koukkuniementie 1 A
02230 Espoo

After the Baptism stick around as we continue our study or the Parable of the Prodigal Son with insights from Tim Kellers book The Prodigal God.

Hope to see you there!


Special Service this Sunday!

3 Jul

Hi UCC! This Sunday 8/7, during our morning service at UCC Leppävaara ( 10:00 Veräjäpellonkatu 6c, Espoo),we will be celebrating the wedding of Ismo Heiskänen and Hui Ying Susan Sun! After the service join us for a special meal and time to congratulate our dear friends! Hope to see you there.
Ismo and Susan have requested that those who would like to bring gifts would instead give a donation to United Community Church.
Nordea 111230-336211 ref 1177. Please leave message “Ismo/Susan” Thanks!

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