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Talent Show Chill out

21 Sep

UCC chill out organized a talent show the 21. of September at Café Agricola. The idea was that people could perform, show their hidden talents and sing karaoke.

Since I had been doing songs for some years, I thought that this would be a great opportunity to give people a glimpse of what I had been doing. Sofia Niemistö had been doing also songs and she had the same idea. So we thought: “let’s do this together!” and we started practicing a couple of songs, two of hers and two of mine.

When the evening came, we got up on stage (oh yes, it was a huge stage haha) and sang the songs. I was great! I really liked it and would like to do it again another time. Even tough we were the only ones to perform that evening, I liked the idea of giving people a chance to show something “new” about themselves. It was a safe environment to do that!

Johanna Havas

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