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Costume Party Chill Out on 02.11.2012!!!

22 Oct

Costume Party Chill Out on 02.11.2012!!!

Chill Out evenings are a great place for young adults within the UCC community to gather and fellowship with one another. It is a social gathering open to people also outside the church community to feel free to join and make new friends.

This time we will have a HALLOWEEN COSTUME PARTY!

Have you always felt like you have a super hero or a rock star living inside you? Or maybe you think you would’ve done so much better work as James Bond than Sean Connery ever did?

Are you a fan of horror movies and having a dream of scaring your friends with the most frightening costume ever? Do you feel like you were born in the wrong decade? If you could choose, who would you be?!This is the night you have been waiting for! Use your imagination and dress up as whoever or whatever you like!We’ll have some social games to make sure no one’s gonna get bored. But with the house full of stars from hall of fame there’s not even a chance of getting bored! ;)Of course we’ll make some goodies suitable for the Halloween theme, but it’s going to be a POTLUCK, so bring a food or drink to share!See you there! ūüôā
When: Friday, 2nd November 2012, 18:30 – 22:00
Where: Apollonkatu 9 A 2, Helsinki
Contact to Alice: 0458083771

So, what is all this Chill out about anyway…

22 Oct

So, what is all this Chill out about anyway…Why would I like to spend my¬†Friday¬†evening with a banch of people I don’t really know?

It’s all about chilling together!¬†

And well, aren’t you sometimes tired of seeing the same faces on Sundays but without really knowing the person behind? I have to admit that it is very¬†embarrassing¬†to me when during the fellowship time after the service I ask the same person for the 5th time what is he/she studying, doing in¬†Finland¬†¬†etc¬†.. Never happened to you that you met someone over coffee, had a small talk and then few weeks later you see the same person and you recognize the face but you have no clue who is that person really? Well, happened to me much more often than I wish… ¬†So, what is the chill out about? First, it gives the¬†opportunity to get to know people you see every Sunday… and in much more relax atmosphere¬†¬†;D

When you’re an international Church as UCC, the cool thing is that it is built by people coming from all¬†continents who somehow find themselves in Finland. ¬†I remember when I came to UCC for the first time, I felt immediately like at home, because everybody was different, no “standard of normality” , so I fit. And everybody was very friendly, which is important when you find yourself alone in a foreign country and everything is new and even buying a travel card can be¬†challenging. Anyway, I wasn’t and I’m not the ¬†only one to arrive to Finland and be here alone, without knowing anyone. If this is your case to, just come to a chill out and in one evening you will have many new and great friends!!

The problem is when you have to say goodbye to someone, as it is often the case in international churches… But even goodbyes are an occasion to have some extra fun during chill outs! Look at the cool cake Sofia made when one of our friend left us for new adventures in the US:


Also, we all like to do things, so why to not do them¬†together? Don’t you like to sing karaoke, play bowling or pool, ¬†watch a movie or simply just hang out? I love it!! And it’s what we do ūüėÄ See this is a picture of our movie night:


So, next time join us to get to know new people and have some fun!!  

Check the Facebook group ( to be informed about the next events or keep posted to this blog! 


Rabbi, Rebel, Redeemer? A Historical Approach to Jesus of Nazareth

17 Oct

The study of the historical Jesus is a historical discipline practiced by New Testament scholars.

Christians can learn from this study, because among other things it aims to understand Jesus’ words and actions in his own context. Jesus needs to be understood against the background of Second Temple Judaism, it’s practices, it’s texts (the Old Testament and other relevant scriptures), it’s politics and it’s culture. Jesus spoke and did things that were understandable to the people of his times, but sometimes they remain somewhat obscure to us because of different time, place and customs.

Among other things we will have a look at

– the expectations of the Jews of Jesus’ day (restoration of God’s rule, end of exile etc…)

– the nature of Jesus’ healings and exorcisms

– his teaching on the Kingdom of God

– the historical evidence for the empty tomb

This course looks at some aspects of Jesus’ ministry and gives more depth to the stories we read from the Gospels, making the more accessable. The aim is to get you more excited about the Gospels by bringing out new perspectives to familiar stories.

PLACE: Annankatu 7 (UCC Helsinki location)

TIME: November 6th & 13th, 18:00 – 21:00 (break included)

TEACHING: Lari Launonen (Helsinki Site Leader)

SIGN UP: Send email lari.launonen(at) (Because of the material provided, we need to know how many are attending)

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