So, what is all this Chill out about anyway…

22 Oct

So, what is all this Chill out about anyway…Why would I like to spend my Friday evening with a banch of people I don’t really know?

It’s all about chilling together! 

And well, aren’t you sometimes tired of seeing the same faces on Sundays but without really knowing the person behind? I have to admit that it is very embarrassing to me when during the fellowship time after the service I ask the same person for the 5th time what is he/she studying, doing in Finland  etc .. Never happened to you that you met someone over coffee, had a small talk and then few weeks later you see the same person and you recognize the face but you have no clue who is that person really? Well, happened to me much more often than I wish…  So, what is the chill out about? First, it gives the opportunity to get to know people you see every Sunday… and in much more relax atmosphere  ;D

When you’re an international Church as UCC, the cool thing is that it is built by people coming from all continents who somehow find themselves in Finland.  I remember when I came to UCC for the first time, I felt immediately like at home, because everybody was different, no “standard of normality” , so I fit. And everybody was very friendly, which is important when you find yourself alone in a foreign country and everything is new and even buying a travel card can be challenging. Anyway, I wasn’t and I’m not the  only one to arrive to Finland and be here alone, without knowing anyone. If this is your case to, just come to a chill out and in one evening you will have many new and great friends!!

The problem is when you have to say goodbye to someone, as it is often the case in international churches… But even goodbyes are an occasion to have some extra fun during chill outs! Look at the cool cake Sofia made when one of our friend left us for new adventures in the US:


Also, we all like to do things, so why to not do them together? Don’t you like to sing karaoke, play bowling or pool,  watch a movie or simply just hang out? I love it!! And it’s what we do 😀 See this is a picture of our movie night:


So, next time join us to get to know new people and have some fun!!  

Check the Facebook group ( to be informed about the next events or keep posted to this blog! 



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