Apologist Alex McLellan in Finland

5 Apr

Do modern people need belief in God in order to make sense of the universe? Is the Christian belief in Jesus’ resurrection one of those ideas that scientific worldview has done away with?

A world-renowned Apologist and Philosopher of Religion Alex McLellan of Reason Why International is visiting Finland in April.

UCC  is collaborating with Veritas Forum Finland organizes two public events during the visit.

WED April 17th 4pm Do We Need God to Make Sense of the Universe?
(Aalto University, Otaniemi, Main Building, L-hall)

THU April 16th 4pm Is the Resurrection of Jesus Reasonable?
Alex McLellan debates the Finnish theologian Matti Myllykoski on the reasonableness of the Christian belief in the resurrection of Jesus.(Helsinki University, Main Building, lecture hall PR sl 12)

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